Capstan 3,000Kg

The 3,000 kg capstan is a vertical rotating drum used for a variety of rope pulling activities mainly on-board boats. It is hydraulically driven and extremely rugged for harsh environment marine use. The capstan drum is aluminium and the pedestal marine grade steel. The capstan pedestal features side attachment points to allow attachment to the boat gunwale where required. Normally supplied with Thistle foot pedal controller which removes requirement to fit hydraulic control valve below deck.

 3000kg capstan

Technical Data

Maximum Line Pull:

3,000 kg

Maximum Rotational Speed:

30 rpm

Maximum Linear Line Speed:

0.45 m/s

Working Pressure:

210 bar

Maximum Oil Flow:

45 LPM

Total Weight:

240 kg

 Key Points

  • Small footprint

  • High line pulling power

  • Rugged construction

  • Has integral fixing points for support to boat gunwale

Available Options:

  • Pedestal can be manufactured to your required height

  • Can be supplied with guide roller frame

  • To comply with HSE regulations we recommend that all capstans are supplied along with Thistle foot pedal

3000kg capstan with rollers    capstan with roller assembly   capstan with roller assembly

Capstan shown with optional roller guide frame

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Capstan 3,000Kg

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