Hose Management Reel

Heavy Duty Powered Hose Management Reel for air, water, oil, diesel and grease.  Specifically designed for heavy duty workloads and efficiency.

Multi-Purpose Hydraulically Powered Hose Management Reel

  • for larger diameter hose

  • used for shallow depth hose deployment

Recovery load pull of up to 1,000Kg and 40 metre storage capacity

Key Points:

-75mm bore

-Large diameter bends on internal flow path

-Integral gearbox

-Marine paint system

-Foot Mounted

Technical Data
Pull Capacity (min-max):
600 to 1000Kg
Drum Capacity (75mm hose):
40 m
Pressure of Supply Fluid (max):
14 Bar
Maximum Winch Speed:
4 rpm
Maximum Output Torque:
3300 Nm
Operating Pressure:
230 Bar
Maximum Oil Flow Rate:
100 LPM
Reel Weight (empty):
1,000 kg

Contact us for different drum capacities and hose diameters as we can meet your requirements.

To view or download our datasheet please click on the link below:

Hose Management Reel