Power Block Head 24 Ribbed Barrel

The 24” Power Block Head is used for the handling of fishing nets in trawling and seine fishing.

It is hydraulically powered with a 1,000kg hauling capacity, it features an open profile for easy capture and release of the nets.  The ribbed barrel has a wider opening with rib profiles to allow additional grip onto net hoppers.
Manufactured for harsh environment use it is coated with a marine paint system and uses rugged components.  The sheave wheel / barrel is supplied rubber coated.

24 ribbed barrel power block head     power block head 24 ribbed barrel

Technical Data 24″

Safe Working Load:

1,000 kg

 Maximum Speed:

 84 rpm

 Wheel Diameter:

 330 mm

 Working Pressure:

 210 bar

 Oil Flow:

 125 LPM


 450 kg

Key Points:
1/2” Supply & Return Hoses
3/8” Drain Line
Spare Parts  Always In Stock
Available In Different Sizes

Available Accessories:
Plain Barrel
Marine Crane

24 power block head ribbed barrel

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  24" Power Block Head Ribbed Barrel