2.5 m3 Single Net Drum

Over the years Thistle Marine have supplied many different sizes and styles of net drums for both new build and existing vessels to store and manage large capacities of net. 

These single net drums can be fitted below or above deck and can be designed to suit existing deck space and performance requirements.  The net drum can be assembled in situ below deck where access is difficult.

 thistle single net drum# Thistle-single-net-drum-alt

Technical Data

Maximum Pull Capacity:

12,200 kg

 Drum Capacity:


Recommended Line Speed:

30-40 rpm

Maximum Output Torque:

17,500 Nm

Operating Pressure:

250 Bar

Oil Flow:

120 LPM

Weight (empty):

1,500 kg

Key Points:

  • Hydraulically driven

  • Large net storage capacity

  • Low maintenance

  • Compact design

  • Marine paint system

single net drum drawing thistleTo view or download our datasheet please click on the link below:

  Single Net Drum