MFB12 Landing Crane, Rack & Pinion Base

Thistle Marine are renowned for our design and manufacture of fixed boom landing/discharge cranes.

Our cranes are built to withstand the harshest of environments whether installed on quayside or on fishing vessel for all your discharge and landing requirements.

The MFB12 landing and discharge crane is typically used for loading and unloading fish boxes and equipment between vessel and quayside. Designed for harsh environment use and manufactured from seawater resistant materials throughout, it has a small footprint and its reach can be tailored to suit your requirement. Available with or without continuous rotation function. We have also supplied these cranes for permanent install on the quayside for loading and unloading catches and equipment from boats. Our service offers complete installation on your vessel and training where required.
All our cranes are provided with a 1 year warranty.

mfb12 rack and pinion crane

Technical Data

Load Rating:

12,000 kg/metre


Straight main boom, 1 dynamic section, 380 degree non continuous rotation


1,500 kg @ 8 metre reach

Hydraulic Supply:

Typically 210 bar at 45 LPM

Hydraulic Control:

Manual Control Valves

Slew Range:

380 degree, 190 degree CW/CCW

Overall Weight:

1,400 kg

mfb12 landing crane rack and pinion base

Available Accessories:

  • Remote control

  • HPU

  • Custom colours

Key Points:

  • Spare parts always in stock

  • Responsive service and repair

  • available in larger capacities and reaches

mfb12 landing crane rack and pinion drawing

To view or download our datasheet please click on the link below:

  MFB12 Landing Crane, Rack & Pinion Base