Retractable Multi-Purpose Hose Hauler

Here at Thistle Marine we strive to be the best at what we do.  We design and manufacture equipment to improve the efficiency of the fishing and aquaculture industries.

The retractable multi-purpose hose hauler is a robust, harsh environment hose and rope hauler suitable for a variety of marine uses. Ideal for the over-boarding and retrieval of hose bundles, the hauler features a pivoting arm to allow the hauler to be folded down when not in use. It is also available with a split base to allow it to be easily removed from the deck when not in use or to move it between vessels. The hauler sheave diameter, profile and bracket height can be sized to suit your hose handling and vessel requirements.
Comes complete with control lever and speed adjustment.

Technical Data (Based on 500mm sheave)

Maximum Line Pull:
Maximum Line Speed:
6.5 m/s
Recommended Working Speed:
1-2 m/s
Maximum Working Pressure:
300 bar
Maximum Oil Flow:
100 LPM
Weight (including bracket)

To view or download our datasheet please click on the link below:

Retractable Multi-Purpose Hose Hauler