Aquaculture Pontoons

Each pontoon is designed and calculated to suit the individual requirements of each fish farm.  These are ideal as a working platform to service the fish farm within the aquaculture industry.

Thistle Marine have witnessed a number of fish farm operators using regular floating walkway sections bolted together to form large pontoon sections for loading and transporting feed bags out to fish farm pens. Following a review of their suitability we have designed a bespoke, modular product which allows the handling crane to be securely mounted to the pontoon structure. Further standard sections are then utilised to create the load area. As the structure is modular, different shapes, sizes and load capacities of pontoons can be created.

Key Points:
-Designed & manufactured for long term use in a marine environment.
-Specific load bearing section for certified work crane mounting.
-Modular system allows various sizes of pontoon to be created.
-Supplied with removable handrails.


Dimensions of each section (L W H):
3.9 x 2.4 x 0.9m
Standard section weight in air:
350 kg
Standard section payload:
4,000 kg
Typical size & payload
1.2m x 7m / 30,000 kg

Contact us for your requirements as we have various specifications and sizes available.

To view or download our datasheet please click on the link below:

Aquaculture Pontoons